Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: We ALL love us some Costco

The day you pick out the perfect dress....
Standing in the middle of yards and yards of tulle....
Staring at the reflection of you as a future bride...
in the middle of Costco?

We love Costco like most people, the samples, the enormous packs of TP, the $1.50 dog and pop. But would we buy our wedding dress from Costco? Knowing the frugal gals that we are, we just might! Hey if the dress is right and the price even better, we're pretty sure our groom doesn't give a hoot if it was purchased in a stuffy boutique or a wholesale warehouse - as long as we're happy, he's happy.

Here's to dress shopping, no matter where that may be! Take your girls and enjoy the day :)

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