Saturday, July 17, 2010

Graduation Celebration

We've been busy shooting these last few weeks and quite a few projects in the works {plus trying to enjoy the beautiful summer weather that finally landed in So Cal}, but photos will be coming soon!

In the mean time, enjoy a few of the photos from the event we covered for Charm Event Design a few months ago on their newest blog entry: !!

Now get outside and enjoy the summer :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Araceli: Sweet Love


There are moments during the wedding day which kind of stick in my mind,
snapshots of the day which I captured with my camera but are made memorable by being there and experiencing it.
Like Rob's heartfelt toast or Mike's dedication of "Shots". I love these moments.





Araceli's videographer asked her to record a special message for her soon to be husband.
I could tell Araceli was a little nervous, but as she spoke, her love shone through.
I found myself tearing up, even though I only caught a few of the words (my high school spanish class was a long time ago....),
I could see and hear the emotion and love she felt for this man.
I love these moments.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Featured photos: Coffee Connection

One of our favorite local cafes has got to be the Coffee Connection in Venice, CA. The Coffee Connection is one of the Westside's best kept secrets. We were excited when they asked us to update their promotional photos for their website.

Not only does their fair trade espresso have a smooth delicious flavor, but the mexican chocolate drinks are AH-mazing. The cafe has a cute outdoor patio if you like to do your studying under the warm California sun - even though that's been MIA the past few weeks. And no corner cafe is complete with out free WIFI.

Check them out! The Coffee Connection

ps. some days you might even see a familiar face behind the counter, tip her good! ;)