Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

We had the opportunity to do some event photos for Congressman Adam Schiff on Memorial Day. While one of the great enjoyments of the American culture is the three day weekend, I was thankful to be working these events last weekend. It was not only a great learning experience in a whole new field of photography, we were able to participate in two city events which so beautifully reminded me of what this country has been founded on and what has been sacrificed to maintain. May we never cease to pay tribute to and remember those who have defended the freedom we so often take for granted.


There is a price for everything,
nothing is easy, nothing free.
To be left without wanting,
then you must pay the cost.

With little price paid
and your appreciation lean,
value slips away to fade.
The desired becomes ignored.

If you yearn, if necessity be,
work for it to earn the worth.
Then care for it that you shall see,
the appraisal shall not deflate.

Freedom comes to everyone,
if the price be paid, with blood.
Sacrifice for sake of freedom,
it is not easy and it is not free.

The Price
©2002 Roger W Hancock (

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