Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Laurel Isle Photography?

Names are pretty important. In history, times of old, a name was given to determine a life. To declare a purpose.
Your name defined you.

When choosing the name for our new business venture, we wanted something that was not only not already taken, but spoke of who we are. How do you define two intense, driven, passionate, creative and completely different sisters? It is not an easy task. :)

Laurel (Lor-al) is the word that Lauren comes from. It means one who is victorious. The winners in ancient Greece were given a crown of Laurel leaves to wear upon their head.

Isle (Eye-ll) is part of the definition of Lindsay, which is Peaceful isle. I always envisioned a tropical beach, with a gentle palm sending shade down waves lapping gently at the shore. aaaaah....

And that is where our name comes from. A little piece of the two of us. Very different yet completely intertwined just as sisters were meant to be.


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